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 Fifth Disease and Pregnancy Educational symposium presentation: (Originally presented at the ACNM and AWHONN 2007 conferences) (Download PDF file 7.01 MB)

 Key notes from the Fifth Disease and Pregnancy presentation. (Download pdf file 263kb)

A Patient Information booklet customised to provide simple, concise yet comprehensive information for the patient. If you would feel that this booklet would be of benefit to your patients, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will provide you with a pack of 25 or 50 booklets absolutely free of charge for your hospital or clinic. (download PDF file 500KB)

Parvovirus B19 Algorithm of care: to download an example of an algorithm of care. OBG management, Managing the gravida with parvo; Murphy; et al.; Nov 54-64; Volume 12. (download PDF file 1.2MB)

ACOG Recommendations: Download the recommendations from the ACOG guidelines which offers guidelines for the counseling about and the management of Parvovirus B19 during pregnancy. ACOG practise Bulletin, Clinical Management guidelines for Obstetricians -Gynecologists; Number 20; september 2000. (download PDF file 500Kb)

 Downloadable Parvovirus B19 - Fifth Disease - Educational leaflet customise to provide a simple yet comprehensive information to the patient and the health care provider.  (download PDF file 550KB)

 Downloadable information about Parvovirus B19 Fifth disease for the health care provider. This provides a complete overview to the patient and the health care provider should diagnose and proceed with the proper criteria of treatment if  the patient is suspected to have Parvovirus B19  (download PDF file 550KB)

 Fifth disease, Parvovirus B19 downloadable information for the patient. This give patients a comprehensive overview about the importance of knowing their Fifth Disease status.  (download PDF file 550KB)

Fifth Disease and Pregnancy information booklet. An information pack outlining the essential clinical facts associtated with the disease  (download PDF file 550KB)

Fifth Disease and Pregnacy literature reviews. Downloadable booklet which gives an overview of some of the scientific articles which investigates the fifth disease and pregnancy.  (download PDF file 550KB)

Estimation of Incidence of Annual Fetal Loss due to Parvovirus B19. This scientific paper examines the number of incidence of annual fetal loss due to Parvovirus B19 (fifth disease) (download PDF file 550KB)

Fifth Disease - Pregnancy - Diagnosis & Treatment - Ask the Expert - Am I at Risk

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